Law Enforcement Guru – Master the Police Selection Process [Trailer]

Welcome future peace officers to the Law Enforcement Guru Podcast, where I’ll provide actionable advice and guidance to get you hired by a police agency and prepare you to survive the police application and selection process.

I am your host Tony Levatino, and during my 30-year police career, I mentored hundreds of individuals through all phases of the process, and I am here to help you get the job of your dreams. 

Each week I will be providing tips, techniques, and tactics to help you prepare, in addition to conducting in-depth interviews with recruiters, background investigators, polygraph examiners, and oral board members who will tell you exactly what they are looking for in a police applicant. 

Along the way, we will be talking with law enforcement professionals from various agencies about their careers and provide valuable insights about the opportunities available to you. 

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