EPISODE 004: My Law Enforcement Journey

Hello everyone. Welcome to Episode 4 of the Law Enforcement Guru Podcast, where you will find actionable advice on how to accomplish your goal of becoming a law enforcement officer. Visit LawEnforcementGuru.com for additional resources and connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As always, subscribe to this podcast on your favorite podcast app. 

There is no singular path to a law enforcement career. It’s a straight course for some of you, but for others, it’s a winding path. It is my goal to provide clarity and assist you with critical career decisions. I didn’t wish Episode 1 to be all about me, but at some point, I know you would have asked yourself, “Who is this guy doing this podcast?” 

I retired in 2012 from the Santa Ana Police Department in Southern California after 30 years of service. I rose through the ranks from an officer, corporal, sergeant, commander, and ultimately deputy chief. The most important thing about my journey is I started precisely where most of you are at this very moment – as a civilian applying for a job as a peace officer. 

Please listen to this episode to hear the rest of my journey.

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00:00 Every Cop Has a Story

02:00 My Law Enforcement Journey

04:00 From College to Police Academy

05:52 The Academy Begins

09:00 I Finally Was Hired

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