EPISODE 007: The Thin Blue Line Flag Controversy

In this episode, I will be discussing “The Thin Blue Line” flag and the controversy surrounding its symbolism.

There is a war raging in the liberal media regarding the appropriateness of the Thin Blue Line flag and its associative symbolism. Police detractors are unsupportive of our use of the flag and allege it represents repression and divisiveness, but I’m afraid I have to disagree.

To these detractors, nothing short of complete eradication of any symbology representing our solidarity will satisfy their lust to drive a wedge between law enforcement and our communities.

You or your agency may have already faced this issue, but if you have not, you need to know the flag’s historical background to explain it to others.

Where did “The Thin Blue Line” originate, its historical representation in law enforcement, and what does it currently represent? How should line-level officers feel when their leadership removes any reference to The Thin Blue Line from the agency?

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00:35-01:49 What is The Thin Blue Line

01:49-02:33 Origins of The Thin Blue Line

02:34-03:05 N.D. Anderson Poem

03:06-04:01 First References in Law Enforcement

05:34-06:43 Support or Lack Thereof

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