EPISODE 005: Assisting Veterans With Ken Emerson from Five-O Careers

My guest in this episode is Ken Emerson from Five-O Careers at www.fiveocareers.com. Ken spent four years as an Infantryman with the 3rd BN 41st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Armored Division. Ken’s duties included: M113 Driver, M60 Gunner, Company Commanders Driver, Bradley Fighting Vehicle Gunner, Assistant Squad Leader. Ken left the service as a Sergeant E-5.

Following his military service, Ken retired as Arizona State Trooper after having served the state and Arizona communities for 20 years. His duties included: Highway Patrolman, Gang Unit Detective, Bomb Technician, and SWAT Team Breacher.

Ken specializes in assisting veterans with the law enforcement hiring process. Ken can assist Active Duty Military and Veterans, Police Officers, Firefighter and Dept. of Corrections Officers with cash rebates or discount incentive when buying or selling a home.

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Podcast Index

00:35 Ken Emerson from FIve-0 Careers

02:10 How Ken Became an AZ State Trooper

03:10 The AZ Department of Public Safety Testing Process

18:12 Separating From the Military

19:56 Veteran Employment Assistance is Available

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